Were Columbian crash footballers assasinated?

The devastated team mate of Chapeco footballers tragically killed in a plane crash has claimed they were "assassinated". In an astonishing outburst, the Chapecoense player Moises Santos, whose life was saved as he was injured so did not travel with his fellow players, said:  "That...

Researchers Find Japanese Tapeworm in Alaskan Salmon

Researchers have identified a Japanese broad tapeworm in Alaskan-caught salmon. According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control, a Japanese broad tapeworm, Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense, has been identified in Alaskan-caught salmon. The Japanese Tapeworm The identified Japanese tapeworm has been cited to be responsible for...

Young Boy Rescues Twin Brother from Falling Dresser

Brock Shoff, a 2 year old toddler, was playing in his bedroom in Utah when cameras set in the house caught the moment when a dresser had fallen on him, almost killing him. Brock’s twin brother Bowdy was with him and what was seen in...

Is Caesarean Birth Eclipsing Natural Birth?

Recent studies have shown that caesarean births are growing in popularity. But, not that more mothers are opting for this procedure. However, at the frequency at which it is now performed it will eventually affect our evolution. Several scientists have stated that more mothers have...

A Manhunt for the Berlin Truck Killing

As indicated by a brief stay allow found in the taxicab of the lorry that furrowed into group, "Anis A" was conceived in 1992 in the city of Tataouine. Pursuits are said to be under route in the North Rhine-Westphalia locale. The suspect may...

N. Carolina Governor Suing State G.O.P.

Roy Cooper, a Democrat, vanquished the occupant Republican representative, Pat McCrory, and as the state lawyer general, he said he was examining the legitimateness of the Republican proposition. "They will see me in court," he cautioned. After Republicans, who have substantial greater parts in the...


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Thousands of Extra Police to be deployed in Britain on New...

Britain is set to deploy thousands of extra police around the country amidst fears of a terror attack on New Year’s Eve. Thousands of extra...