The Effects of Price Hikes

Since the Great Recession finished in 2009, Federal Reserve policymakers have been attempting to juice feeble swelling, which can hurt the economy by provoking shoppers to put off buys on the grounds that they know costs will remain low. At last, swelling is by...

Outcry in London as Thousands Received no Water on Christmas

Residents presiding in the south western area of London are enraged as all water sources were cut early morning around 10:20 am on Christmas Day. Thames Water Company has stated that a damaged pump was the reason behind this disappointing surprise. The inconvenient timing of the...

Denver Becomes First US City to Allow Marijuana in its Bars and Restaurants

  Denver has approved a law, Proposition 300, on November 15, allowing bars and restaurants to seek permits to allow the use of marijuana. Customers could now use pot indoors, as long as it isn't smoked, with the possibility of smoking in outdoor areas. Recreational marijuana...

Shooting at anti-Trump protest

One person has been shot following an anti-Trump protest in Portland. While police have not released full details of the incident, officers say one person was shot while crossing Morrison Bridge after an hour-long protest. It is not yet know what condition the injured person is...

How Will Cyber Monday Fare Against Black Friday?

The likelihood that Cyber Monday, in which advancements move on the web, could accumulate Black Friday-like consideration is driven by two or three major components. One is shoppers' voracious craving for cool hardware, as confirm by how they searched out the most recent computerized...

What the FBI had to say about Clinton’s emails

When FBI director James Comey announced that his agency was once again looking into emails sent and received on Hillary Clinton’s private email server, her ratings in the presidential polls dipped. Now, however, the FBI has now told congressional leaders in another letter that we...


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Elpidophoros to save Greek Orthodox Christianity in US?

These days attacks on the Ecumenical Patriarchate have multiplied. First some allegations about Patriarch Bartholomew's ties with Fethullah Gulen appear on the Internet, then...