Estate agent admits to killing 7 people

A realtor arrested after a woman was found chained up like a dog at his property has admitted to killing seven people, say police. Todd Christopher Kohlhepp is a realtor who was running his own real estate firm in upstate South Carolina. But he is...

Toxic Smog Hits Most Severe “Black Alert” in London

Toxic air in London has hit the most severe “black” alert today. This led one school in central London to restrict outdoor times for young children. The top toxic smog “black” alert was reached today in London, just a few weeks into 2017. There were...

Researchers Find Japanese Tapeworm in Alaskan Salmon

Researchers have identified a Japanese broad tapeworm in Alaskan-caught salmon. According to a new report from the Centers for Disease Control, a Japanese broad tapeworm, Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense, has been identified in Alaskan-caught salmon. The Japanese Tapeworm The identified Japanese tapeworm has been cited to be responsible for...

Is Caesarean Birth Eclipsing Natural Birth?

Recent studies have shown that caesarean births are growing in popularity. But, not that more mothers are opting for this procedure. However, at the frequency at which it is now performed it will eventually affect our evolution. Several scientists have stated that more mothers have...

Lawmakers Concerned that Obamacare Fight will Dominate

Lawmakers are concerned that the battle over Obamacare, a policy the Republicans are desperate to scrap and the Democrats are desperate to keep will dominate proceedings to the detriment of other policies. The atmosphere is bipartisan and the concern is that other acts which would...

‘Innocent’ British man serving life for double murder in US jail is struck down by flesh eating bug

A British man sentenced to life in jail in the US for a double murder he says he did not commit has been struck down by a life threatening flesh eating infection - and is being denied treatment in hospital for the condition. Seventy seven...


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Elpidophoros to save Greek Orthodox Christianity in US?

These days attacks on the Ecumenical Patriarchate have multiplied. First some allegations about Patriarch Bartholomew's ties with Fethullah Gulen appear on the Internet, then...