Oh dear! The moment Therea May is left as “Billy no mates” at EU summit

While Britain hasn't actually left Europe yet, British Prime Minister Theresa May already seems to be getting the cold shoulder from other heads of state. While the other 27 heads of state kissed, hugged and chatted in small groups at a key EU summit...

Trump is Using His Priority as a China Strategy

Trump's late addressing of the revered "one China" arrangement and China's overwhelming response represents the excessive touchiness in Beijing. There is positively breathing space to change and clear up approach, however causing trouble without a vital arrangement—as Trump did by accepting a call from...

Former Soldiers Charged With Murdering IRA Commander In 1972

Two former soldiers who were amongst the paratroopers, have been charged with murdering John McCann, an IRA activist almost 44 years ago in Northern Ireland, which has resulted in rage by citizens regarding what many see as discrimination towards veterans. These new charges have been...

Theresa May Dismisses Hard Brexit Claims in Policy Speech

British Prime Minister Theresa May has dismissed claims that a hard Brexit is inevitable.  Speaking earlier today she said she wanted to build a “shared society” to tackle injustice and that Brexit was an "opportunity to fundamentally change Britain for the better". In her first policy...

Black Lives Matter Launches App to Mark Yourself “Unsafe” for being black in America

Black lives matter has launched a new app with an “Unsafety Check,” which allows black people to mark themselves unsafe, declaring “being black in America” as a national emergency. This is another attempt to raise awareness of the safety threats black people face on a...

Stability of Europe in Italy’s Hands

Europe faces a possible destabilization, and it all comes down to the current votes Italians are going through in regards to reorganizing their government. This includes several factors. One being reducing the numbers in the senate from the current 315 to 100, and second most...


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Facebook glitch “kills off” users

A glitch on the social media networking site Facebook gave some users and their friends an unsettling shock after their profile pages showed they...