Trump May Face Possible Mutiny from Diplomats

President Donald Trump may be facing a possible mutiny from U.S diplomats as a draft memo strongly opposing the refugee and travel ban from seven predominantly Muslim nations circulated around foreign missions. The policy by all accounts was rushed through with minimal consultation and caused...

Black Lives Matter Launches App to Mark Yourself “Unsafe” for being black in America

Black lives matter has launched a new app with an “Unsafety Check,” which allows black people to mark themselves unsafe, declaring “being black in America” as a national emergency. This is another attempt to raise awareness of the safety threats black people face on a...

Israel Opens First-Ever NATO Office in Brussels

Israel has opened a new office of North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) in Brussels on Thursday. According to Ynet News, Yair Golan, the Deputy Chief of Staff Major General assisted in the new office’s opening. As a result of the May 2016 approval by the...

Theresa May Criticizes John Kerry’s Criticism on Israel

British Prime Minister, Theresa May, has just criticized John Kerry’s latest denunciating speech towards Israel, which has served as a rather rare occasion in the first place. The prime minister’s criticism has as a result strengthened the relationship between Britain and the Trump administration which...

Russia Feels Threatened by U.S Troops Deployed in Poland

Russia has branded the deployment of U.S troops in Poland a threat to its national security.  It is the largest deployment of American troops in Europe since the Cold War. Officially, the deployment is intended to counter what it sees as Russian aggression in the...

Eighty Thousand Women March in Protest of Trump in London

In solidarity to women in America and around the world, the Women’s March in London has attracted 80,000 people marching in protest of remarks made by Donald Trump on women and race. It is believed 600 “sister marches” are occurring worldwide to the main march...


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Elpidophoros to save Greek Orthodox Christianity in US?

These days attacks on the Ecumenical Patriarchate have multiplied. First some allegations about Patriarch Bartholomew's ties with Fethullah Gulen appear on the Internet, then...