Calls to give HIV drugs on NHS

Demands are being made to provide a drug which prevents HIV on the NHS in Scotland. The drug can prevent HIV in people who are at high risk of developing the virus. Legal fights have already taken place in England over who should have to pay...

Hackers set new targets for the year

As the year has come to a close, potential cyber security targets are being listed for the time to come. Predictions have been made regarding all the hot upcoming targets for hackers. Fantasy Sports Sites Primary fantasy sports sites such as DraftKings and FanDuel have been...

A Baby with Three Parents Was Born

A healthy baby girl was born to an infertile Ukranian couple using DNA from three people, after years of unsuccessful in vitro fertilization. The same technique has been used for mothers who are known to have “unhealthy” mitochondrial DNA- where the mitochondrial DNA of a...

Ariel University in Israel Opens First Academic Course on Medical Cannabis

Ariel University in Israel has launched the first-ever academic course in medical cannabis, recognized by the Council for Higher Education. The launch of the first-ever academic course in medical cannabis by Ariel University was proposed and initiated by Dr. Michael Dor, a senior lecturer in...

Binary Stars Said to Fuse and Then Explode By 2022

Recent reports from scientists have concluded that within the next five years, a unique and astonishing celestial set of events have been forecasted to occur, and those who do not possess any type of sophisticated or advanced types of astronomical equipment will also be...

Medication for Malaria Fails in UK for First Time

Doctors in the UK have just announced that for the first time in the country, the main drug that has been used in treating malaria amongst their patients has failed. Four patients who had gotten the disease whilst traveling in Africa were admitted to the...


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Elpidophoros to save Greek Orthodox Christianity in US?

These days attacks on the Ecumenical Patriarchate have multiplied. First some allegations about Patriarch Bartholomew's ties with Fethullah Gulen appear on the Internet, then...