Get Some Tips to Wash Your Vegetables the Right Way


We all know that proper washing of any kind of fruit and vegetable whose skin we eat is very important. The washing must be done in running cold water and it should be properly scrubbed as well. However, do you know that washing vegetables or fruits whose skin you do not eat is as important as the former? According to United States Food and Drug Administration, around 48 million get sick every year because of contaminated food.

Germs may come into the produce from the soil, animals or from the people who handle the produce. As a rule, you should wash your hands in warm soap water before cooking the produce. While washing them, use a brush to scrub away the germs and then dry with clean cloth or towel. Some vegetables and fruits need special care and they are:

Cauliflower and Broccoli

These two vegetable have crevices which are good areas for the germs to hide. Therefore, before you wash them in running water, soak them in a bowl of cold water for a few minutes.


Washing the skin before cutting the produce may not occur to you. However, cutting without washing may contaminate the knife. So, wash them with a brush to remove all germs.


The problem area in apples is the stem which can act as a safe haven for dirt and bacteria. Cut the area around the stem and wash it under running cold water.

Hot Peppers

This last item may be a surprise for you, but let make it clear that hot peppers do hold a lot of risk for the person handling it. The reason is not germs, however. The culprit is the natural oils of the pepper, which can burn the eyes and skin.