Six Months into Retirement, Tony Gonzalez Already Approached To Play Again.


Tony Gonzalez is something of a legend in the world of NFL. He has around 1,325 receptions in his career and was a Pro Bowl tight end 14 times. Around six months ago, he bid his final adieu to the game and retired to work for CBS as a studio analyst for NFL. However, the NFL teams are not satisfied with his decision and have been trying to get him to come out of retirement and show his magic again.

However, the man in the middle gave a direct answer and squashed all the hopes of the teams pursuing him when he said, “there is probably no chance (of a comeback),” “I don’t even want to play anymore to tell you the truth. I’ve had my fill. But I’ve been contacted by some teams — I’m not going to name those teams — but there have been some teams that have called me a couple of times.”

The man had an amazing 17 years which he had spent between Atlanta Falcons and Kansas City. His most memorable victory is the one where his team defeated the Seattle Seahawks. The win had given him a new momentum, and he continued playing in 2013 in spite of announcing previously that he would retire in 2012. In his last year with the Falcons, he caught 83 passes for 859 yards and eight TDs. However now, not even the lure of a Lombardi Trophy can make him play.

As he remarked, “It would be a good opportunity to go get a ring,” “But my thinking is, if it didn’t happen from the beginning and hasn’t happened up to this point, it’s not gonna happen now. I’m not gonna keep chasing a ring. My body feels good. I’m gonna like being nice and cozy in a studio.” “Trust me.”